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How to recruit new employees when there is shortage of candidates

Piscine Global Europe 2022 helps you to understand the essential points that your recruitment approach must include.

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One problem experienced by most pool and spa contractors is the difficulty in recruiting new employees. Piscine Global Europe 2022 helps with the experience of GL Events Human Resources Manager Béatrice Penet who details the essential points that your recruitment approach must include.


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Describe the job realistically

Right at the start of her conference, Béatrice Penet set the tone: “Your job description file shouldn’t look like a letter to Father Christmas.” You must list the skills you REALLY need as well as what you would also like to have as “extras”. Accept that you may have to change job specifications and perimeters depending on the skills possessed by the candidates you find interesting.

As the foundation of your recruitment ad, define the 4 following elements and be ready to adapt:

  • Knowledge about the sector (which can be acquired on site)
  • Trade-related skills (which can be acquired by vocational training courses)
  • Seniority (reduce or increase the managerial perimeter as a function of this criterion)
  • Perimeter/intervention capabilities (which can be changed as necessary depending on skills)

Write and publish your job offer effectively

Your advertisement must be easily understandable and clearly state your corporate ambitions, culture and values. Emphasize the way you balance professional and private life, the quality of working conditions and the context, the prospects for promotion as well as the job “perks”. And remember - your image as an employer begins with your job offer. The concept, formulation and contents all have significant impacts!

7 key arguments to use when recruiting pool professionals

Pool trades are attractive but you need to use the right arguments to sign on candidates. These include:

  • The scope and diversity of pool trades
  • A trouble-free sector with a great future
  • Possibilities for careers and skill capability upgrades through vocational training courses
  • Building pools creates joy for families
  • Customer relationships are major challenges
  • The pleasure of working out of doors
  • Pool designs and trades let people express their creativity

Excerpt from Find the right arguments to recruit new pool professionals to your company

Did you know? Two thirds of candidates apply for jobs on their smartphone. So reply in the same way!

Make sure candidates enjoy their recruitment experience with you 

You have probably noticed that pool and spa sector job candidates are currently more “volatile” and more demanding in what they want as working conditions. The shortage of candidates has reversed the employer/employee situation and it is now quite common for a company to lose a promising candidate to a competitor for a company car or the possibility of home working.

Your recruitment process must take this situation into account and boost it so as not to let talents go elsewhere:

  • facilitate job applications as much as possible
  • be more flexible when considering CVs or covering letters which do not exactly correspond to what you were expecting
  • do not have over-many interviews with each candidate
  • demonstrate transparency
  • make candidates feel welcome – i.e. do not keep candidates waiting for hours before meeting them!

Last but not least, promote conviviality by introducing someone he or she will be working with for an informal chat so they get a “feel” for the company

Didn't find the ideal candidate? Improve your sourcing!

Don’t despair if you only get one or two CVs for your job offer. Adopt the proactive method suggested by Béatrice Penet.

1. Boost your job recruitment spread via dedicated databases

You probably published your job offer on your website and perhaps at the Job Center. 
But did you think of recruitment databases like Indeed or HelloWork? And don’t forget specific sector websites such as your local Pool Federation.

2. Harness the power and reach of social networks

LinkedIn is currently the best known as it recruits most candidates. With the development of corporate pages, it has never been easier for employers to promote their brands directly to potential candidates. But don’t forget job offers on alternative social networks like Instagram or TikTok... 

Last but not least, send your ad to the former students’ alumni networks and schools you know as well as to your clients – some of whom would be happy to join your company!

3. Encourage co-optation

Ask your employees to use their personal or professional networks to recruit for the job you are offering. 

4. Form partnerships with schools

Sandwich courses are ideal for recruiting new employees already familiar with the way you work. On average, 80% of apprentices sign work contracts with the companies they have worked with at the end of their studies.

5. Organize job dating events

Job dating and dedicated recruitment days do away with the “interview” concept and enable quick chats with managers and people doing the same jobs. Contacting candidates directly also eliminates often sketchy CVs and focuses more precisely on core skills.

Watch the conference replay

To optimize your chances of success, Béatrice Penet concludes by reminding recruiters that they must be very visible, efficient, reactive and able to highlight the employer’s brand.

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