12-03-2024 Sustainable development

Piscine Global is publishing its ebook “Community swimming pools: riding the waves of change”

Download the new Piscine Global's ebook to sustainably optimizing the management of an aquatic center!

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Buildings on its 360° vision of trends and innovations in the swimming pool and spa sector, the Piscine Global trade show is publishing an ebook for public and private community swimming pool designers and operators. Read “Community swimming pools: riding the waves of change” to discover six ways of sustainably optimizing the management of an aquatic center!


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Find effective technical solutions 

On one hand, the need to work towards the ecological transition. On the other, an unprecedented crisis in energy and water resources. The common denominator? Innovations that make it possible to control operating costs while reducing the environmental impact of an aquatic center


Are you looking for ideas to design a community swimming pool that is perfectly aligned with current and future needs? Discover strategies for bringing to life: 


  • a multi-functional, multi-format swimming pool
  • a more accessible swimming pool
  • a more profitable swimming pool 


Gain inspiration from concrete examples 

Many local authorities have already decided to invest in alternatives such as solar power, geothermal and biomass and chosen tested methods to reduce their water consumption: 


  • The Alice Milliat municipal pool (France), the first to target the BEPOS positive-energy building label
  • The Holmen aquatic center (Norway), which has cut its CO2 emissions in half
  • The Aspirant Dunand public pool (France), heated by the Paris sewers
  • The Butte-aux-Cailles public pool (France), which uses energy from a data center 

But the experiences highlighted in this ebook go beyond the ecological transition! Between profitability problems, how to galvanize a community and adapting an aquatic facility to a changing society, discover inspiring examples such as:


  • The Origami public pool (France), whose construction costs were met by the first management structure of its kind in France
  • The Swimming Venue pool (Netherlands), which is part of an urban renewal program for a whole neighborhood
  • The Bassins de l'Aqueduc (France), which has made inclusiveness one of its major strengths 


Anticipate tomorrow's trends 

Thanks to this ebook, you can benefit from a global view of the social and environmental trends that will impact the design and management of community swimming pools: 


  • multiple uses
  • work flexibility
  • inclusiveness
  • water management
  • environmental responsibility
  • social connections
  • family
  • digital systems


A packed program! Piscine Global invites you to join in by getting this essential ebook for community swimming pools, whether public or private, without delay.



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