How to attract visitors to your stand at Piscine Global Europe?

Without an attractive stand, prospects and journalists could pass in front of you without noticing you! GL Events explains how to stand out in the crowd.


Over 1,000 exhibitors and brands will be showing at Piscine Global Europe 2022. Without an attractive stand, prospects and journalists could pass in front of you without noticing you! Do you want to find how to stand out in the crowd? GL Events Stand Design and Installation Service Development Manager Cyril MASSARD draws on his unique experience to give you some tips.

The first way to catch a visitor’s eye is… up in the air

In every trade show, the first things visitors look at to organize their circuits are the signs hung up in the air. To be included in their visit and found, it is essential to install an overhead sign adapted to the size of your stand.

Cyril MASSARD says, “just put your logo and baseline, never an image or text. Above all the visitor wants to know where you are! Texts and graphics are designed to be read close-up and should be at head-height, on your stand and kept to a minimum. Remember that visitors only have a few moments to analyze your stand. Do not overwhelm them with information or you will lose them.”

To attract their glance, your sign must be illuminated. Talk to the Piscine Global Europe team to make the most of scenic structures and use advertising totems to give your stand extra volume. And remember that it is pointless to want to have the highest sign of all. “There will always be a pool company whose sign is higher than yours. Strategically, it can even be interesting to benefit from the free space created below the signs of nearby stands.”

To guarantee your success and a calm atmosphere, be far-sighted and come to the showground to stake out the show two days before it opens. That way you can make any necessary adjustments to your stand and collect your badges and car park passes, avoiding the “day before opening” queues.

Be different to ensure visitors see you and remember you

Most stands don’t use their white partition walls to stand out from the others! By using your corporate colors, printing banners and other advertizing media on your partitions, you create an easily remembered spot and visitors understand your added-value at once! 

Cyril MASSARD explains, “to attract visitors, think “five senses”. Put a big TV, lights, colors, sounds and physical products which visitors can touch. Benefit from the instinctive human attraction for sensory stimuli.”

Lastly, define your main objective. Is it to present a new pool product? Promote Press Relations? Do deals? It is this objective which must direct your stand’s design, whatever its size.

Use our Customised Stand and Stand Design service

Do you want to add a little color to your stand? Fit it out with attractive furniture? Get help with lighting? With our service, you get customized assistance to ensure your stand reflects your image – and your budget!

Our services guarantee

  • Creativity: design, aestheticism and modernity will serve your ambitions
  • Serenity: a single interlocutor throughout the whole project
  • Reliability: backed by fifteen years of experience, we do guarantee a perfect knowledge of the venue and its team
  • Reactivity: we can answer your last-minute requests

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Show the right pool products on your stand

Piscine Global Europe visitors are mostly looking for innovations and not your bestselling products. It can be more interesting to group your products by range rather than to expose them all. Trust your sales and marketing people to target the sales pitches and keep your communications simple

To build traffic on your stand, use the solutions proposed by the trade show - promotion of your brand, the Pool Showcase space, sponsoring, etc.

Choose your options now

Define your visitor greeting strategy

One of the basic principles of a trade show stand is that stand furniture must be adapted to your visitor greeting objectives. The longer you want them to stay on your stand, the more comfortable the furniture must be – settees, coffee tables, etc. On the other hand, if you want to collect as many contacts as possible, prefer high tables to encourage fast throughput. 

What about providing visitors with refreshments? Cyril MASSARD observes that “historically Piscine Global Europe is a festive, friendly event. However, with Covid, some practices have changed. Visitors don’t go for a bowl from which everyone picks up candy anymore! You need to innovate to strike a new balance.”

Don't forget that the layout of your stand must imperatively follow the rules of architecture. All exhibitors with a bare stand must also have their layout plan validated before 19 September.

Find out all the information you need in your customer area.

And to ensure that your efforts to attract visitors to your stand are successful, do not forget a fundamental first step: advertize and promote your presence before the show!

4 steps to follow for a successful show

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