Take inspiration from the 2022 Pool Design Awards winners!

The international Pool Design Awards contest returns in 2022 with 15 prizewinning water amenity projects. Take a look at the prizewinners in each category!

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Every edition of the Piscine Global Europe trade show has featured outstanding pool and spa projects that rekindle our dreams and inspire the community. The international Pool Design Awards contest returns in 2022 with 15 prizewinning water amenity projects. Take a look below at the prizewinners in each category.

“Wellness” category: Sergio Neves – CARRÉ BLEU NICOLLIER PISCINES, with his stylish relaxation area


In the Swiss town of St-Légier, a stone’s throw from Lake Geneva, this custom-design residential project completed in 2020 comprises an indoor mirror pool with traditional concrete masonry, a sauna, and an outdoor stainless steel mirror spa with lifting floor—all enhanced by high-end features and home automation technologies.

Built at the same time as the house and its contemporary lines, this space is remarkable for its unique mosaic flooring, completing a contrast of colors and materials with the bare concrete walls, the timber ceiling, and the transparent glass.

  • Architect: Sergio Neves – CARRÉ BLEU NICOLLIER PISCINES

“Renovated pool” category: Z-ARCHITECTURE with its Tournesol swimming pool

© Jonathan Letoublon

The “Tournesol” (sunflower) swimming pool in the municipality of Abrets-en-Dauphiné was built in the scope of a nationwide “1,000 swimming pools” program launched in 1969 in France. The refurbishment of this pool had to preserve its unique architecture, notably the dome structure comprising 36 metal arches, uplifted by a new zinc white coating and linked to an extension with slim, low-key lines.

A new, bigger pool basin with a lifting floor makes this the first six-lane Tournesol swimming pool in France. The project also focuses on the moderation of energy consumption.

  • Architect: Z ARCHITECTURE

“Residential swimming pool” category: ANDREA MEIRANA ARCHITECTS and Villa Peduzzi

© Andrea Bosio

We take a trip to the Italian lake resort of Pigra to discover an infinity pool and poolhouse that seem to melt into the landscape, suspended across from an unrestricted view of Lake Como. It was built concurrently with the villa in a subtle, modern, elegant style that privileges functionality and the integration with natural surroundings.

The heated swimming pool includes a whirlpool bath for 8 persons and has an automatic cover concealed under a stone solarium. Typical Lake Como natural stone was used in a variety of finishes for all the outdoor parts of the swimming pool and for access to the water and whirlpool bath.

  • Builder: ECOEDILE S.R.L.

“Small swimming pool” category: NICOLLIER Group SA with its steel cased indoor pool


This pool, built in Switzerland in 2021, has a moving floor enabling a considerable reduction in evaporation from the pool. It contains two benches served by massage jets as well as a bubbling plate in the moving floor. Measuring 4.0 x 2.2 x 1.2 meters, it harmonizes perfectly with its environment thanks to its minimalist design. Solenoid valves provide switching between mirror filtering and skimmer filtering when the moving floor is closed.

  • Builder: NICOLLIER Group SA
  • Architect: NICOLLIER Group SA

“Sport and leisure pool” category: DBA Ltd and its Fruske Terme complex

© Aleksandar Milutinovic

This ambitious hotel and tourist complex near Vrdnik in Serbia is located in the depths of the Fruska Gora forest. Its two-phase construction has created a 206-room hotel and amenities covering 42,976 square meters and including 13 swimming pools and 12 saunas, massage rooms, a restaurant, and conference rooms.

Some of the swimming pools are covered while others are partly covered to allow summer bathing. A “winter” pool with warm water for bathing outdoors and for those days with a nip in the air complete the offering. Several other water attractions, like the lazy river, are included. There will be a final construction phase that adds five extra swimming pools as well as amenities for the very young.

  • Architect: DBA Ltd.

These magnificent pool design achievements, along with the other nominations in each category, can be discovered in detail at the Piscine Global Europe trade show.

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