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Let’s explain EMAUX passion on manufacturing equipment for residential & commercial swimming pool, aquatic parks, and public aquariums.
Our history, experience, what we achieved, what’re our interest in R&D and main focus on what pool market demands, our vision to support passioned and innovative dealers, committed partners for sustainable, profitable water business development.

Our milestones

Started on 1984, when a professional, passioned Mr. Arhutr Lai, created a swimming pool company in Hong Honk to service the pool market, from Hong Kong to mainland China.
In 1997 was launched the manufacturing arm, being the seed of the brilliant success on EMAUX manufacturing. Since that time, we’ve been increasing and improving our premises up today’s. Keystones are being the incorporation of a Motor facilities on 2020, with 20000 square meters and modern equipment, new Headquarters in Hong Kong with an R&D, TECH strong team. Then in 2022 , set-up of new factory in Barcelona, Spain to support European market in blow moulded filters.

Our commitment,

To manufacture and develop reliable products for International Swimming Pool market, incorporating new product ideas, for the different market segments to full fill our Dealers demands, who are directly involved in the market, from pool professionals to end user needs.  
EMAUX listens what they need to create value, satisfy expectations, and make sustainable, profitable business development.

Our manufacturing

With 120000 m2 of manufacturing premises, and more than 500 employees, using the latest machinery and robotics, focused on you, the pool business professionals.
Mould making & dye

  •    CNC & EPM machines

Plastic injection division

  •    With the most advanced plastic (ABS, PP, PE) injection machines.

Plastic blow moulding machines.

  •    HDPE plastic filters & tanks

Fiberglass (GRP) division

  •    Different departments of Gelcoat, filament winding and RTM.

Motor manufacturing

  •     Automatic, and robot process for motor winding & assembling

R&D Department

  •      CATIA, CAD, 3D, Dynamic Fluids software to get the precise & better developments.

Our dealers, our vision

A dealer is more than a customer, is a market partner to go together on water business development, a commitment for the progress.
Delivering sustainable, power efficient equipment that satisfies the market needs, hearing what’s the coming needs, developing proper
products. Water & power efficiency, functional automatization (IoT) is EMAUX devotion to get there.
Our dealer satisfaction is our bet leitmotiv.
If you are a company with a desire to grow, with a similar EMAUX vison, looking for cutting-edge relationship for your business, do not hesitate to contact us, we listen.    


Let’s move the present & see the future together!


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