Joëlle PULINX FPP: “We are always in a tight market, although French still dream of swimming pool !”


Why the national performance ? What is the sales trend ? How a federation can it help all players in the market ?

Answers with Joëlle Pulinx Federation of Professionals in the Pool (FPP). After a rather professional legal background and diversified, including technical advisor to the Committee on Consumer Safety, with piloting campaigns to prevent risks in pools (inter alia), it is now Delegate General of the Federation of Professionals in the Pool (FPP).

Sa mission, and that of the FPP: promote the profession, its actors, its product, professionalise the sector, defend the interests and image professionals to governments and policy makers, both national and European level, and especially inform and serve the members of the FPP.

Hello Joelle Pulinx !

Why Flish Is there a swimming pool in his garden more than its European neighbor ?

Joëlle PULINX : With its many ribs, France has a real culture of water, Unlike other European countries. During the holiday period, the French move very often to the coast for a swim and enjoy water recreation. A study commissioned by the Federation of Professionals in the Pool (FPP), the French love the pool for family reunification, Welfare, health, for sport … The pool is also the garden to feel welcome family and friends …

The French market has rebounded this season 2013 compared to N-1, +18% deliveries, + 22% Sales, +7% de CA, +48 000 bassins en 2013, this burst he has an explanation ?

Joëlle PULINX : These are economic data, They should not make us forget that we are still in a tight market, although French still dream of swimming pool ! 4 French on 10 would love to have one … but the tax burden, the French and European economy does not help them to realize their dream. There was a start this season 2013, However, this year has an overall decline – 5%.

graphique evolution CA piscines.jpgSource FPP - evolution of revenues invoiced in pools in 2013

Is this upturn end 2013 confirmed this year ?

Joëlle PULINX : Yes, Rebirth was confirmed, with a good barometer favorable sales through June. But we are also dependent on the weather, and the months of July and August were difficult !

The consumer is always a little reluctant to face the technicality of a pool, what concerns?

Joëlle PULINX : He wants a pool with a comfortable temperature and that, possible in, is automatically maintains.

The idea is to have a smaller pool better equipped to have a comfortable use.

To answer this, the profession has begun a campaign communicating to consumers ?

Joëlle PULINX : Yes, PPF has developed several tools to the end customer.

Among the latest tools created, we have the blog Propiscines , a Facebook page and a Twitter account (@propiscines) and, of course, we also offer a comprehensive website with fact sheets for users of pool maintenance, renovation, the choice of pool, Sound open, etc.

One can also find on this site the directory of professional members FPP and the directory of professional PROPISCINES, a quality label for professionals.


Exactly Joëlle, FPP but in place a label, can you tells what he talks about ?

Joëlle PULINX : This is a charter for consumers, signed by professionals involving several conditions for them :

– have a business that is on the market the pool for more than three years ;

– provide the Federation with decennial insurance certificates and liability ;

– send to the Federation of training certificates, and participate in a training provided by the Federation.

The trader undertakes?

Joëlle PULINX : Yes!

  • Commitments to information and customer services
  • Commitments in the field of security
  • Commitments in the field of environmental conservation
  • Of insurance commitments
  • Professional commitments, rules respecting everything from …

To date, 250 companies signed this label.

To summarize Joëlle, What is the typical profile of the ideal piscinier?

Joëlle PULINX : The ideal pool maintenance is one that properly serves its customer, “Who does what he says and says what he does”, who is a member of the federation and of course signatory PROPISCINES.

Thank you Joëlle, we give appointment “at the edge of the Great Basin” PISCINE GLOBAL 2014!


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