Offre spa: focus on growing market


Since the early 2000, The spa has democratized.Despite a small market and very diffuse, sales to individuals grew. 20% the overall pool market, 6 000 units sold each year, this market is getting stronger…


What are the prospects of the market ? What innovations “carry” sales ? How to position its offer ?

Federation, Distributors, Exhibitors enlighten us with their stories.


“The SPA a favorite purchase”

François Grillard, Senior Director of the Commission of the Federation of Spa Professionals in the Pool

“Gradually the offer structure, addressing those related to business lines of the pool. En effet, sale requires awareness of the client at the spa, monitor installation and advice tailored to it “

[…] The spa has become a fad and, thereby, individuals consider investing a spa as a purchase heart for helping meet their desire for well-being at home “

“A promising market for high-end”

Ludovic Pertosa, Dirigeant of Pertosa Design

“Even though our target is a niche in the high end and most of our customers are looking for a nice spa with a massage very good, I think the market growth is explained by the appearance of spa entry level that can reach a wide audience and thus increase the supply.

[…] The market remains promising if the supply of products remains at relatively high levels of quality and innovation continues if. »

“The volumes are expected to increase over the years”

Laurent Besson, Sales Manager ClairAzur

“The spa industry, remaining an integrated micro market in the market for pool, has an interesting future ahead. Despite recent demand slow on these devices, we are confident of rising demand, right out of crisis. En effet, spa relaxation stays equipment without proper maintenance effort (following brands), it will endure over time and volumes are expected to increase over the years “ .

“A market that is growing increasingly, particularly in France “

Eduard Moscvin & Enachi Ivan Alpha Industries

It is certain that this is a market that is growing increasingly, particularly in France, countries with sauna and steam room are still a little-known product. […] Most important in this sector, sometimes uncertain, vary as a function of the annual weather, is to follow the market trend, to listen to consumers and adapt the range to their needs and requirements.

It is for this reason that we see the emergence of the range of price products where the value is optimum “

“The future … older clients 30 to 50 year old “

Caroline Baudry, Responsable Communication et MarketingPools and Spas Aquilus Aquilus

“In–Beyond the seniors who make up a significant portion of our sales to date, we capitalize on in the future clients aged 30 to 50 years that match all the better with the latest technological developments spas “

“The lack of free innovation in our industry is a problem”

Flavien Guiet, Chairman of Volitions Group Spa

“The market will falter if manufacturers fail to innovate. The lack of free innovation in our industry is a problem that can become an obstacle to the growth of this market “.

“Our customers want to fully integrate the spa to their environment”

Ludovic Pertosa, officer of the company Pertosa Design

[…] We clean lines, Overflow, Contemporary Forms with square spas, rectangles, glazed …

[…] we touch a customer who does not have the technical ability to get its spa inside for lack of passage or prefer to place the spa on the terrace of reach despite a charge that does not install a traditional spa

[…] we offer a range of possibilities from any RAL color to custom colors or in stone or simply ready for a tiled surface imitations “

“The trend 2014 was paid to the exterior design of spas “

Caroline Baudry, Communication manager Aquilus Pools and Spas Aquilus

“The technology we sell is mainly based on an optimized insulation makes the operation more economical spa and a design that ensures longer life. Naturally, special attention is paid to the ergonomics of massage and quality of jets, making unique and relaxing experience. The trend 2014 was paid to the exterior design of spas. A ce titre, We launched on the market an ultra contemporary spa with square shapes and clean. We have also included several years of additional accessories such as chromotherapy, music therapy and aromatherapy. »

“No Product” bling bling “but the quality product”

Flavien Guiet, President of Volition Group

“The heart of our business is not the product” bling bling “but the product quality. We thus propose spas developed and recognized for their quality massage, reliability, robustness and elegance. We pay special attention to color therapy. But we do not support the audio or visual nuisance in an area of ​​rest and relaxation.

[…]Our experience and knowledge of the product and its virtues commands us not to offer these accessories which we consider gadgets. […]

“Future customers seeking primarily a quality spa”

Laurent Besson, Commercial Director ClairAzur

“Prospective buyers are becoming more discerning about their investment. They want to know how it is made basin, what will be the cost of using energy, how is maintenance … Today, future customers are looking primarily a spa quality in terms of hygiene water, ergonomic comfort and hydrotherapy and, with an offer with a good price / quality ratio. They prefer more of a partner who has the human and technical maintenance and ensure a national service means ”

“To develop and manufacture technically innovative products is not enough”

Eduard Moscvin et Enachi Ivan – Alpha Industries

The buyer puts quality and freedom of customization of the wellness. He wants to integrate the sauna in accordance with the design of his house. That’s why Alpha offers for its entire range, a large range of options to allow customers the freedom to choose their bespoke sauna while remaining within standard price. […]

“The integration of a spa has become an important criterion for public institutions”

François Grillard, Senior Director of the Committee on spa Federation of Professionals in the Pool

“Integration of a spa has become an important criterion for public institutions that previously dotaient a pool and complete their offers through the construction of a spa for public use

Regulation conducted by the Ministry of Health, following the recommendations of the National Agency of Health and Safety for people is in progress and the recommendations have already been delivered and. […]


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