BRETT LLOYD :”Buying a pool is not an easy task ! »

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Do you realise how “selling a pool” is a marketing challenge incredibly rare and unique ?

Discover the reluctance, fears and concerns of your prospects and be better able to convince…

Brett Loyd.jpg For this, follow the advice of BRETT LLOYD.

Secret Marketing for pool professionnals No. 1 by Brett LLOYD “Buying a pool is not an easy task”

I do not want to offend you by saying that (because everyone knows that buy a swimming pool “is not an easy matter.), but I doubt you realize how this marketing challenge is incredibly rare and unique. Among 100 a million things that you or I could potentially buy today, is there something as original and unusual than that ?

1. This is a big purchase. (valuable)

There are a handful of objects of similar value, as housing, a car, a boat, a camper or perhaps end home theater high. This means that everything you know about buying or selling millions of other items does not apply here.

2. This is a purchase that is RARELY.

Consider here a piano. This is not like buying a car or housing (or to some, a boat), that most people will 5 to 10 once in their lives, or more. It is rather like buying a beautiful piano. It happens very rarely, if ever in life. MOST people do NOT buy pool. And those who do rarely make more than once in their lives.

3. It is absolutely UNIQUE and custom.

I love the description given by the National Plasterers Council(American Federation of Plastering Drywall): Do you even lift This is a hand made and installed in an uncontrolled environment. » And that goes for experts like YOU, who know what you are doing.

Imagine what this means for the average homeowner, who has no idea the latest features, options and technologies available on the modern swimming pools ? (And who knows even less about the “tensile strength” compared to the ‘resistance to compression’ and hundreds of other things concerning the process of construction of a swimming pool.)

It’s like finding an unknown artist to commission a unique work of art and very expensive.

4. It is most often a final decision.

If you buy a car, a boat or camper and it does not please you more, it is not so difficult to resell or do take against another. In fact, even if you buy a house and it no longer suits you, it is not very difficult to get rid. This is not the case of an inground pool.

If you love your home but you hate your pool, you have to sell both. (Or “remove it and replace it., what comes of course even MORE expensive.)

So let’s recap, from the perspective of the owner :

  • “I buy something very expensive.,
  • I do not know much,
  • I’ve never done,
  • and if I make a mistake,
  • I’ll have to sell my house. »

Not really the ideal sales environment, is not it ?

Good, let’s be realistic. We know that this is not a sale IMPOSSIBLE, since you sell pools for years. But at the same time, we must recognize that, although M. and Mrs. owners are excited to have a pool, they are most likely experiencing some ANXIETY, to Fear, and some of RELUCTANCE DIRTY.

Yes, It is important to show them “of beautiful swimming pools.. More ALSO if we can overcome their anxiety, their fears and trust issues, then we will have a much better chance that & rsquo; they choose YOU rather than your competitors.

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