Social networks can help you … but you probably do not know how to do it !

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Everyone tells you that you should be on FACEBOOK, twitter to sell pools ! ? Yes ! There is a potential benefit to using social networks, but there is a high probability that you will take you wrong ! Social networks are they important for the trades of the pool ? How do ? There are may already be present … but you’re doing it wrong ?…

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So follow the advice of BRETT LLOYD.

Brett is the founder and CEO (“CEO”) de MYM Austin Inc., a marketing agency for pool builders, Professionals (upmarket ) Landscape and, worldwide.

The’ goal of his agency “SALE more for less”

He d & rsquo; guiding principle recognized in North America and beyond, we invited him to our blog for “coaching marketing”.

Here & rsquo s and one of his 7 marketing secrets that all must know piscinist…


“Yes, there is a potential benefit to using social networks,
but there is a high probability that you will take you MAL. »

The reason this subject tends to be “disputed” is that some marketing consultants are really PASSIONATE while others (like me) are PRAGMATIC. You will recognize the “passionate consultant” with statements like “You should use Tweeter” or “everything goes through the social networks … “Or” if you do not spend at least an hour a day on social networks, you are totally off base. »

You will recognize the “pragmatic consultant” by similar statements under this publication. You will recognize the pragmatic ALSO when stating that the recommendations are NOT THE SAME for Pool Care, RETAILERS and the SERVICE COMPANIES.

Here are my recommendations, depending on your industry :

SHOULD THE Pool Care :

• Create a Facebook page and publish daily updates of all their work in progress. And you have your LOGIN owners on the photos you take of their garden. (A notification will be sent to customers by e-mail, This should naturally encourage your customers to “like” and “share” your photos with all their friends.) I explained this in detail in this publication.

• Do the same with Google . (Click here for tips on using Google ).

• Create an account Houzz and post your best photos. (It is ALSO very appropriate to do the same thing with Flickr and Pinterest, but this will not have the same impact as Houzz.) Click here for details on using Houzz.

• Create and manage proactively an account with AngiesList. (Remark : I did not say TO ADVERTISE with AngiesList ; I just suggested to create a free account.) You can find more details here on AngiesList.

• Update ALL your online accounts (including those mentioned above, plus Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, Merchant Circle, and other) with accurate and relevant information about your company. This includes beautiful pictures and nice videos, if you.

• Ensure that all videos you have posted on YouTube and elsewhere are ALSO on your website.

What Pool Care should NOT do :

• Do not try to SELL something on social networks. In fact, you certainly do not need to brag on social networks, because it risks alienating your prospects.

• Do not encourage people to QUIT your website to see your pages on social networks.

• Do not waste time with Twitter or Instagram, sauf si, of course, you are so popular in your market that you are at least 100 BUYERS LOCAL POOL potentials that are ALREADY signed up to receive your tweets or other. (And the fact, if you are a piscinist happened to figure out how to ensure that purchasers of FUTURE pool register your messages on Tweeter before meeting you AND if you found many interesting things to post on Tweeter, I’d like to meet you to congratulate you and pay you a beer.)


• As retailers, it may be that you want to promote your sales via social networks, particularly Facebook, Google et Twitter, because your subscribers are most likely “loyal / regular customers” who ARE actually interested in what you sell. And if you have a unique product that arrives or a special sale that promises, your loyal customers will likely be pleased to know.

• Retailers must also ” update all their online accounts “, as described above.


• Let the truth, the smartest a partnership SERVICE can practice “social communication” would regularly send ELECTRONIC MESSAGES (the good old email) all customers and prospects at least once a month, to share with them his advice on how to maintain their pool.

• Service companies can also potentially use Twitter to keep in touch with their customers. But you should know that (1) a message on Tweeter 260 characters are not going to be as effective as a message “without confined space” and (2) in most cases, Tweet your message will just anyway to direct them to a Web page or e-mail. Thus, if you expect to use Tweeter, you must FIRST hitting send emails and then COMPLETE by messages on Tweeter.

Last tricks on social networks for EVERYONE :

• If you “outsource” your posts on social networks, do not expect to have many subscribers. (Most people know how to spot insincerity “standard publications that are only window dressing. »)

• Do not post political perspective. Unless of course your goal is to completely disappoint one third to two thirds of your target market.

• If you still have not figured out how to make it work for you Twitter, do not expect Instagram or Pinterest work for you either. (Once again, here’s the secret : “You have to have customers. » And if you have subscribers, why not just send them an email ?)

• Do not expect miracles as a result of your posts on social networks.

• Remember, just like any other form of advertising, social networks will reach ONE segment of your target market. You should ideally use SEVERAL media and platforms to reach the majority of your target market.

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