Discover Piscine Global’s Commercial Pools Village – a new space for commercial pool professionals

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In response to the changing demands of the commercial swimming pool market, Piscine Global is set to introduce a brand-new exhibition at their european trade show – the Commercial Pools Village! Read on for a closer look at what you can expect to find this year.


What is the Commercial Pools Village all about?

1/ A response to changing client profiles

Previously, the commercial swimming pool market was dominated by pure players or wholesale dealers, whose sales were largely made up of bidding for public contracts. This tendency was reflected in the makeup of Piscine Global Europe’s trade fair. Today, however, these industry leaders have expanded their outlook: they now deal with hotels, campsites, and spas, among other types of infrastructure.

There are several advantages associated with this type of client. Private companies like the ones listed above tend to have more capital, as well as being able to deal with sellers directly. This contrasts with clients from the public sector, who are more likely to seek several competing bids for projects as a result of budget constraints. As a result, professionals in the sector are adapting their products and services to better target this ‘new’ market.

2/ Experts on hand to answer all your questions

Pools destined for commercial use require specific maintenance and care. Sanitation, heating, equipment, security, etc. When compared with private pools, the health and safety guidelines for commercial pools are extremely strict. Previously, we offered our commercial clients the chance to sign up for our Aqualie program, which included a guided tour of our partners’ stands and exhibitions. As a result of their feedback, we decided to bring all our commercial swimming pool experts together under one roof: the Commercial Pools Village.

What you’ll find at the Commercial Pools Village

1/ A client-facing space

The Commercial Pools Village was created to help facilitate contact between industry professionals and their clients. Whether from the public or private sector, commercial clients usually have a fixed budget. As a result, they tend to seek out as many sellers as possible over the course of a single day. By grouping all of our commercial sellers under a single roof, clients can now easily compare dozens of different quotes.

2/ Teaching and informing

The Commercial Pools Village will also host a number of conferences and talks dealing with key industry issues. A panel of specialists will be available to answer all your questions, whether you’re a professional or a client. What’s more, this Piscine Global Europe edition will be the first where sellers can take to the stage to present their products and services – exciting news!

3/ A chance to expand your network

We want our clients to interact as much as possible – so this year, we’re hosting a series of mini-events, including an industry breakfast, to encourage participants to take full advantage of this global meeting!

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The Commercial Pools Village: quality guaranteed

In order to take part to Piscine Global Europe as an exhibitor, industry professionals are required to show proof of at least five successful commercial pool installations in the last three years.

Piscine Global Europe also invites architects specialising in pool design to join other professionals at this Commercial Pools Village. From pool planning and development to equipment and accessories, come and discover our full range of products and services!

Stay tuned for the full programme of the upcoming Commercial Pools Village 2018 by Piscine Global. Until then, here’s a sneak peek at what’s on the menu.

Commercial pools and Piscine Global Europe: key figures from 2016*

  • 4,600 public authorities contacts, and most of them are leaders

  • 5,000 communities contacts

  • 7.5% of total visitors are from public authorities or communities

  • 10% of total visitors are prescribers (architects, engineering offices, landscape architects…)

*Source: sales brochure

Françoise Vetard, Project Manager, Piscine Global

Photo credit: Freepik / mrsiraphol

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