Selling a sauna: 11 buying criteria you need to know about

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Viewed as a symbol of wellbeing and relaxation, the wooden cabin lost deep in the Scandinavian forest has transformed. Ecological, therapeutic and/or with a beautiful design, saunas are now found in swimming pools, sports centers, hotels and in private homes. But what influences a customer’s buying decision? Budget, health benefits or design? Discover the buying criteria you need to know about when selling a sauna!


1/ The cost of a sauna

For customers, the first criteria to consider is the cost of a sauna. Whether it’s a wellness center or a homeowner wanting to update their bathroom, the cost can put them off. But it’s the long-term cost that’s often the real question: what are the running and maintenance charges? How much will water bills, electricity and wood cost?

2/ The type of sauna

There are at least two schools of thought: one which favors the traditional steam sauna with lava stones and one which prefers the low temperatures of infra-red cabins. The latter are used in the medical, sports and beauty world.

3/ The impact on health

Although saunas are renowned for their relaxing and detoxifying qualities, frail or infirm people will prefer the low, gentle temperatures of infra-red saunas.

4/ The kind of usage

For people looking for a healthy lifestyle, the sauna is an excellent way of flushing out toxins and improving health. The infra-red sauna is particularly noted for its ability to relieve muscle tension. There’s one for every taste!

5 / The area where the sauna will be installed

The space available for installing a sauna is an important criteria. A homeowner who wants to put a sauna in their bathroom will not be choosing the same model as a hotelier, who has plenty of space at their disposal… or the means to build an extension!

6/ The frequency of use

The choice of sauna also depends on how often it’s going to be used. For example, for public establishments, the sauna must have a solid structure and a ready supply of electronic and electromechanical parts, as it’s likely to be used intensively.

7/ The time allowed for installation and maintenance

Investing in a sauna calls for money, but also energy and time. You have to monitor the works, check the conformity of the installation and take care of maintenance. In general, customers prefer manufacturers who offer a maintenance contract!

8/ The capacity of the sauna

Saunas come in a number of sizes. A hotel which wants to create a wellbeing space will need to choose a cabin that’s big enough to welcome several users. The opposite is true for a homeowner who will want to invest in a cabin with smaller dimensions.

9/ The quality of the materials

For some, creating a sauna from traditional Finnish Spruce is a point of honor, while others favor ecological materials.

10/ The look

Clean lines, large bay windows, white lacquered paneling, leather finishing… The sauna’s been updated – and a contemporary look will appeal to design lovers. Meanwhile, a traditional sauna will delight those who want to get as close as possible to an authentic Scandinavian atmosphere.

11/ Your welcome and services

It’s often said that a good sales person must inspire trust. One thing is sure: when selling a sauna, it’s friendliness, the ability to listen and the capacity to create a personalized offer that seduces customers. Not forgetting the quality of after-sales service!

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To sell a sauna, find out about the expectations of your target customer: do they want to install a sauna in a small space? A sauna with chromotherapy options? To position yourself as a sauna expert and to better answer each customer’s queries, you need to take into account all the above buying criteria!

Photo credit : Pixabay / Solskin

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