10 inspirational pool and swimming quotes to share on your social networks

Stay connected witth your customers this summer by sharing these inspirational pool and swimming quotes!

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Summertime is here and your customers are splashing around in their pools. But you can’t rest on your laurels even if your own holidays are well merited! If you read our guide to using social media for your pool business, you know how essential it is to maintain a regular presence with new posts. Here are some quotes about pools and swimming which will make your audience smile and boost your brand image!


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1/ Late risers have no excuse!

A good quote for swimmers! When we have a pool, swimming a few strokes help us to wake ourselves up when our alarm clock goes off. There is no better way to get off on the right foot for a productive day!

2/ Life is like swimming

Sometimes you have to hit a wall to get the impetus necessary to take the right turn! A philosophical metaphor to keep in mind when things are not going well.

3/ A length to cheer you up!

This quote highlights the many benefits of a swim, particularly for the mind. Push these mental and physical benefits to your clients. The wellbeing market is booming, don't miss this opportunity!

4/ Variations on a theme! Pool Sweet Pool instead of Home Sweet Home

Swimming pools have become living spaces and integral parts of houses. Getting back to a pool after a tough day is as much a cheerer-upper as getting home… And none of your clients will contradict you!

5/ Life looks so much better under water!

Divers all agree with this pool quote! By the way, do you know that the world’s two deepest diving pools will soon open?

6/ To succeed you first have to take the plunge

This inspiring quote goes further than a leap onto an air mattress. All successful pool professionals can testify to the risks they had to take to develop their business in the face of the competition!

7/ Water is universal

No-one gets special treatment! Whatever your age, gender, race, religious beliefs, political convictions or social class, the water in a swimming pool treats everyone the same way. That’s why the pool market is international and is growing everywhere. Check this out in our worldwide interviews!

8/ When in doubt, go on vacation!

When you are too focused, you are not sure what to do! The solution is to take a few days off! Preferably near a pool!

9/ New technologies, new ways of doing things


Admittedly, new technologies like smart pools have transformed our lives. But you have to admit that you miss being able to push someone into water without having to worry about their cell phone! Don't hesitate to use this ready-to-post picture created by Piscine Global Europe.

10/ Inflatable pool floats are great equalizers


Everyone is equal when trying to get into a pool float! Your audience is sure to recognize itself in this pool quote when you share it on social media.

All the Piscine Global Europe team wishes you happy holidays and hopes you enjoyed these pool and swimming quotes! For holiday reading check out our guide to 5 new pool trends.

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