Swimming pool enclosures are a great opportunity for boosting pool market!

Swimming pool enclosures are very popular amongst private pool owners. Consequently, sales are booming… and pool sector innovations too!

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Just in France, Europe’s biggest pool market, 225,000 pools were equipped with enclosures in 2018, i.e. 7.5% more than the previous year according to a report by the FPP. Swimming pool enclosures are very popular because they guarantee users’ safety and make it possible to profit from pools longer during the year. Consequently, sales are booming… and pool sector innovations too!

A telescopic swimming pool enclosure

The trend is towards telescopic swimming pool enclosures 

With 63.2% of the market, telescopic enclosures are by far the most popular with private pool owners. Whether they are mounted on rails in the ground or not, tall, medium or low, the whole pool is available to swimmers once opened. The downside is that they encumber pool access and so are unsuitable for small grounds.

Home automation means they can be opened and closed remotely. They can be discreet like the NéoSmart from Azenco – the lowest telescopic enclosure on the pool market or shaped for round pools like the Orient range from Alukov.

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Removable swimming pool enclosures have a significant market share

26.3% of sales in 2018 were removable low – and even flat – enclosures, sliding on part of the pool or raised on struts. They take up very little room and are more flexible as users can choose to uncover only part of the pool. Removable enclosures are an ideal solution for small pools and are easy to install on above-ground pools too (a solution available from Abrisud, for example).

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Fixed swimming pool enclosures are living spaces

Like traditional verandas, these light structures are living spaces usually at least 2m high. Bigger than other kinds of enclosures their dimensions mean owners can swim without having to open or close them. But they cost more, which explains why fixed enclosures only accounted for 3.6% of sales in 2018.

This kind of enclosure adds value to pools as owners can use their beaches all year round. They can be connected to homes, like Aquacomet lean-tos or built as separate outhouses. Little by little their designs are breaking new ground and some are high fashion, for example the Abrisud range, which features innovative wooden enclosures.

Other kinds of swimming pool enclosures

Other kinds of enclosures only account for 6.9% of the pool market. These models are easy to fix and can be installed and dismantled quickly. They include: 

  • inflatable enclosures fixed with cables or ballasted bags;
  • flexible foldable textile enclosures stretched over frames.

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Swimming pool enclosures are a lasting trend and a good way for pool professionals to boost sales. They are also a niche market for outdoor spa manufacturers as more and more private pool owners seek wellbeing! Do you want to announce an innovation like this to pool professionals? Exhibit at Piscine Global Europe and enter the Pool Innovation contest!

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