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Wellness trends over the next few years — part 1

Understanding these strategic axes will be a “must” for positioning your wellness offer in the coming years!

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People all over the world are focused on wellbeing. So the pool and spa market should be too! The Global Wellness Institute has carried out a colossal forecast to determine the latest trends which will revolutionize the wellness industry in tomorrow’s world. Understanding these strategic axes to stand out in a very competitive market will be a “must” for positioning your wellness offer in the coming years!

Regulation of the circadian (day/night) rhythm to fight insomnia

The world’s population has never slept so badly. Today, one person in ten suffers from chronic insomnia and one person in three complains they do not sleep well. Whether caused by night-work, light pollution, stress or jet lag, the lack of refreshing sleep is one of the key problems of our times. As a reaction, a “sleep business” has grown. This wellness market segment will probably be worth 585 billion € by 2024.

Circadian cycle regulation uses several well-known techniques to regulate our sleep – light therapy, nutrition, body temperature control, etc. All benefit from new technologies to provide more effective solutions. These biological and technological approaches have already been adopted by some hotels to attenuate their guests’ jet lag.

How hotels can develop their business using wellness service providers

Seniors are more active than ever

Sporting, interested in travel and very focused on wellness, people over 60 are an ideal target group for wellness establishments. But although the World Health Organization estimates that seniors will account for 22% of the global population in 2050, only 10% of marketing budgets are dedicated to this segment. Yet in some countries like the United States and Japan seniors have the highest incomes.

Consequently, more and more of them are buying pools and other sports equipment for their homes. They sign up for gyms – in fact they are the fastest-growing segment – and are the most regular attendees!

Japanese wellness is a fast-growing trend

Historically, Japan has always been recognized for its ability to blend tradition and innovation and is now taking the lead in the wellness market. Anxious to protect the mental health of its inhabitants to improve productivity, the country adopted a system in 2015 to measure the stress level in every company with over 50 employees.

In addition to designing robots providing physical and psychological care, both in a work context and in private life, Japan also promotes forest baths, meditative retreats and therapeutic hot baths. Their recognized know-how attracts a host of tourists and is exported all over the world.

Technology for mental health care 

The WHO estimates that a quarter of the Earth’s population will suffer from a mental disorder at least once in their lives. Unfortunately, two thirds of them do not have access to care or cannot afford it. Luckily, the set of easily accessible tools is widening to overcome life’s setbacks!

Now chatbots, smartphone applications and online support groups are commonplace and this new ecosystem provides interesting possibilities enabling everyone to deal with their personal mental health. From cognitive behavioral therapy to fully conscious meditation, via the resolution of phobic disorders through virtual reality, new technologies are a promising growth area. They facilitate access to wellness tools and destigmatize these disorders. Some water-cure establishments, like the Thermes d'Allevard’s cardiac coherence application, have already adopted this approach!

Harnessing energetics for wellness

Thanks to recent scientific discoveries, in particular about electromagnetic fields, the formerly rigid border between Western and Traditional medicine is becoming porous. Common ground is being explored as we understand more about how the human body functions, opening up new approaches combining Western medicine, ancestral techniques and technology.

Energetic medicine, long time disparaged, is now center-stage with ever-stronger support from scientists from all backgrounds. New methods like musicotherapy and chromotherapy are already appearing in the wellness industry. And some fitness centers are built to block exposure to undesirable electromagnetic fields. This whole wellness market segment is about to boom! 

Spa innovations in furnishings which transform the ambiance

These promising wellness trends will completely change the services provided by spas, hotels, gyms and pool centers, and boost wellness innovations for public and private swimming pools. But there are many others to discover! Discover five other trends detected by Global Wellness Institute.

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