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5 inspirational garden trends for your customers' swimming pool designs

Manuel Rucar, head of CHLOROSPHERE, presents five landscaping trends you should know about when designing new swimming pools.

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Garden and swimming pool design trends are inextricably linked. Gardens are a special focus of attention among the younger generation. Understand and anticipate their wishes and your order book is sure to be full! At the Paysalia show, Manuel Rucar, head of CHLOROSPHERE, presented five landscaping trends you should know about when designing new swimming pools.


1. Retrauthentic: the comeback of the 60s


Parasol de piscine orange
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Nostalgia is in the air! Millennials don’t fantasize about their parents' garden, but about their grandparents', which is synonymous with authenticity and reliability. Consumers are highly aware of the collaborative economy and are shrewd about their spending, so they are starting to recover objects and materials to create retro gardens that are reassuring, and this includes swimming pool decoration and furniture.

Old-fashioned, natural materials such as tiles are highly attractive, and orange hues are making a comeback. Vintage pools with terracotta coping are in vogue, and pool furniture is decked out in shimmering colors.

2. Terra Natura: the pool blends into the decor


Design de piscine nature
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This trend reflects the need for nature in everyday life: consumers are looking for a new synergy with their environment. It is no longer a question of taming nature at all costs, but of learning to live with it. In the garden, this means deliberately leaving areas “untouched” to preserve biodiversity, and choosing 100% natural materials.

Careful reflection must also be given to poolside landscaping, so that pools are in harmony with the surroundings. Natural-style pools and submerged beaches are preferable. When it comes to water treatment, consumers are opting for more eco-friendly solutions.


3. Neoclassical: modern, but authentic!


Escalier de piscine
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Disillusioned by the excessive presence of low-durability, mid-range products, consumers are turning to long-lasting high-quality products. While this trend is still in its infancy, it is already reflected in a rave for materials such as burnt wood, wrought iron, and minerals. 

The big winner of this trend is natural stone in all forms. Whether for slabs, linings, pool houses or terraces, this material transforms the aesthetics of pools and makes them very durable.


4. Livelyphoria: vibrant colors are making a comeback


Mobilier de jardin coloré
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Taupe, which was one of the most fashionable colors for a long time, is gradually becoming outmoded, giving way to an explosion of colors. Whether neon or pastel, color is no longer discrete, and garden furniture and poolside decor are a prime medium of expression: pergolas, deckchairs, giant candle holders, etc. The key is to indulge oneself and add a touch of fun to the garden.

Gray is still the most popular for pool liners, but green is also in high demand. When it comes to lighting, you can count on LEDs to give the pool as much color as you like, and pool furniture will add a little pizzazz.


5. Graphiscape: timelessness is always appreciated


piscine graphique
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Unlike the previous trend, this one seeks to create a garden and pool that can stand the test of time and appeal to everyone, with no risk of growing tired of them. The lines are graphic, clean and geometric, while some of the choice colors are gray and beige. Modern, graphic pool designs are here to stay!

Tip: this trend accounts for a significant share of today's market, especially among older consumers who want good quality products above all else.

Younger generations are clearly distinguishing themselves from previous generations, creating a real upheaval in the consumer market. The swimming pool market is also impacted, and must be able to meet the expectations of these new owners. It's up to you to incorporate these trends into your swimming pools!



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