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Use the good arguments for selling a swimming pool enclosure

The pool enclosure brings undeniable advantages to pool owners. Christophe Morissoneau (ABRIDEAL) delivers some of the most compelling arguments for selling a pool enclosure.

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An indispensable addition to a swimming pool, the pool enclosure represents an increasingly buoyant market boosted by undeniable advantages for the ecologically minded. Christophe MORISSONNEAU, Sales Manager at ABRIDEAL, delivered some of the most compelling arguments for selling a pool enclosure in a pitch at the Piscine Global Europe 2022 trade show. In case you missed them, here’s your chance to catch up!

The pool enclosure: a market renewal in full swing

The first pool enclosures date back to 1979. Swimming pools have seen many changes since then: average dimensions are almost halved but the budget allocated to pool equipment is in constant increase. And for a reason: the main advantage customers seek is a more comfortable and better equipped swimming pool. Exit cleaning and maintenance chores, make way for the carefree pleasure of water! 

The pool enclosure finds itself in a dynamic context, aided by a boom in pool renovation which accounts for one third of the French market.

There are over 250,000 swimming pool enclosures in France today. Every professional involved in pool construction and renovation must be able to offer their customers this feature.

— Christophe MORISSONNEAU, Sales Manager at ABRIDEAL

What are the best-selling swimming pool enclosures?

Argument 1: free energy for pool heating

Just by being there, a pool enclosure enables a gain of 6 to 10 degrees Celsius (11–18°F) thanks to its greenhouse effect! The enclosed pool requires no additional energy input to extend bathing times and seasons. Pool owners can enjoy their asset for a longer time while controlling their energy consumption, and that means costs savings. That’s probably the biggest advantage to put forward to clinch the sale of a pool enclosure.

Argument 2: keeping water consumption down

In high summer, temperatures and wind can cause a 2 cm (3/4-inch) drop in the pool’s water level every day, which quickly adds up! So another advantage of the pool enclosure is to stop most of this evaporation. The water returns to the pool as condensation droplets. Then there are the dead leaves and pollens floating on the surface, which become just a bad memory, while the water has a much stabler pH since the pool is sheltered from rainwater.

Winter drainage is no longer necessary. With active wintering, the water remains transparent and will be ready to go that much sooner when the time comes for the year’s first plunge.

Argument 3: the 100% recyclable enclosure

Most pool enclosures are composed of aluminum, stainless steel, and transparent polycarbonate panes. All three can be recycled, and indeed the ABRIDEAL group takes eco-friendliness a step further by doing just that with the on-site offcuts from bespoke panes.

Value recovery from waste is important for the sector, not just because it’s responsible but in order to create a circular economy that preserves resources under pressure. In France, it has even become an obligation with the anti-waste “AGEC” Act coming into force. That’s why the federation of the sector’s professionals in France has drafted a guide to help swimming pool firms recycle the waste generated in the pool and spa sector.

Argument 4: pool safety

To prevent accidents in a ground-level or partly sunken swimming pool, there are four common methods: safety barrier, audible alarm, top cover, and enclosure. Although it’s the most costly of the four, the pool enclosure provides very effective safety in addition to all the advantages mentioned earlier.

With swimming pool renovation in full swing, owners who have only known the early enclosure models still swear by that solution but now demand more convenience: motorization, integration with home automation, great looks. Sometimes the firm who sold that first enclosure to them is no longer in business—so here’s your chance to take their place!

Watch the whole conference on YouTube (French only)

The pool enclosure is more and more sought after. Buyers are sensitive to the eco- arguments but also to the design. So what’s the current vogue? Low-profile telescopic structures that blend into the garden. It’s up to you to sell the pool enclosure that best fits your customers’ wants and needs!

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