The pool and spa market is nearing a record high

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2016 was the most successful year for the French pool and spa sector in a decade. Its turnover rocketed and came close to breaking the record of 2 billion euros set in 2007. Swimming pools represent a new lifestyle which the French are particularly keen to embrace – as these results go to show!

Pool and spa sales are still rising

After two consecutive strong years, the French pool and spa market continued to grow in 2016: turnover in the sector soared by 18.5% to reach 1.8 billion euros. It was hence an exceptional year, coming very close to equalling the record of 2 billion euros set in 2007.

Several figures released by the French Federation of Pool Professionals (FPP) illustrate this strong performance:

     the number of pools sold was up 20.5%;

     the number of pools delivered was up 21%;

     the number of quotes produced was up 9.5%. (1)

But where do these impressive results come from? No doubt partly from favourable weather conditions, but also from the professionals’ commitment to innovation and quality.

French pools are leading the European market

The research and development departments of pool companies take pride in proposing top-quality, innovative products. Pools are now smaller and better equipped and offer a longer service life, as the chairman of the FPP, Gilles Mouchiroud, explained to AFP (2).

The pool professionals adopted this approach in response to the expectations of consumers: mini-pools are popping up everywhere, smart home systems have progressed in leaps and bounds, equipment is more sustainable, etc.

France, where 80% of sales are on the domestic market and 20% are on export markets(3), is hence Europe’s leading market in the pool and spa sector.

2017 is looking every bit as promising. Innovation is continuing and the emerging trends are particularly appealing… Could the market be about to hit a record high? Let’s hope for plenty of sunshine this summer. Watch this space!

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