5 pool accessories for unforgettable pool parties

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When they create festive atmospheres, private centers with swimming pools attract big events like weddings, birthdays and seminars. To make new clients, use your pool to concoct unforgettable pool parties! Here are some easy ways to transform your pool into a super party venue we discovered at Piscine Global Europe.


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Choose fun pool accessories


Get your clients to take the plunge! There are so many ways to have fun in a pool. Providing accessories like inflatable toys, mattresses and pool cushions like the Jumbo Bag is a good way to encourage them.

Create light shows


Good lighting prevents accidents if parties go on late and also makes the surroundings unique. Luminous furniture combines lighting and looks. A “Must”? LED lighting in the pool walls, such as the products from WakingPools!

Good well-designed furniture 


Genuine factor in pool lifestyle, good furniture encourages your clients to spend all day there. To do this, invest in design dining spaces, for example with a good-looking barbecue like the Flare smoker from Harvia. You can also lay out siesta spaces with comfortable RelaxFactory deckchairs.

Provide shelter from sun and bad weather 


Poolside fun can easily be spoilt by sunburn and showers. If hosting parties is your business, parasols, a gazebo and even a pool house are essential for all-weather protection!

See an original pool house in a transport container

Keep the surroundings clean 


Showers and foot baths are essential for keeping the dirt out from the common areas of your establishment. Some solutions, like PoolStar solar showers provide hot warm water inexpensively.

Equipment suppliers outdo each other with ingenious solutions to promote pool lifestyle. The pool accessories listed above are a real plus for attracting new clients and making their stays unforgettable!

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