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Key figures: Wellness tourism to set new records in 2024

The market will soon break the symbolic trillion dollar bar, according to a study by the Global Wellness Institute.

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The market will soon break the symbolic trillion dollar bar, according to a study by the Global Wellness Institute (1). Post-pandemic tourism, boosted by the "revenge travel" trend, is forecast to be stronger than ever. This is great news for tourism and leisure establishments with a wellness-oriented offer, and businesses operating in this industry should have no trouble filling their order books.


Unprecedented growth in wellness-related tourism

In 2023, one in every five dollars spent during a tourist stay was for a wellness service. Now more than ever, tourists are craving a sense of well-being. This is the key takeaway from multiple studies aggregated by the Global Wellness Institute, which predicts that the wellness tourism market will double between 2022 and 2027, reaching $1 trillion in 2024, and $1.4 trillion by 2027.


Of all the wellness market segments, wellness tourism will be the most dynamic (with the exception of wellness real estate), with a forecast annual growth rate of +16.6%. Aquatic leisure facilities that either already have a wellness offer or are planning to introduce one can rest reassured: there are going to be customers seeking the joys of a Finnish sauna, contrast therapy or sensory deprivation session, among many other experiences.


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Wellness tourism attracts more and more fans, © BGStock72 / Adobe Stock

Which are the most promising countries for wellness tourism?

Unsurprisingly, Europe is a strong contender. But the real heavyweight is on the other side of the Atlantic: the United States is a $256 billion market, up +32% over the period 2020-2022. The US alone accounts for 24% of all wellness-related stays. The other countries on the podium are:


  • Germany, at $70.2 billion, representing growth of +50%
  • France, at $35.5 billion, representing growth of +36%
  • Austria, at $19.5 billion, representing growth of +28%
  • Switzerland, at $17.7 billion, representing growth of +37%


The Middle East and North Africa are also worth watching closely. MENA saw meteoric growth of +61.5% between 2020 and 2022, and the average spend of $1,354 per stay was higher even than in the United States. Unprecedented!


Profiling wellness tourists


Domestic wellness tourism is the fastest-growing segment. Only 12% of the total of 819 million wellness-related stays were to international destinations. Note that the figures vary widely: while in the United States, just 4% of wellness stays are international, the number rises to 50% in MENA.


Wellness tourists spend an average of 41% more when they go abroad. However, even for domestic wellness stays, the average spend is 175% higher than for "traditional" tourism.


Interestingly, the Global Wellness Institute reveals that only a minority of income is generated by tourism having a wellness offer as its primary focus. Rather than an end in themselves, wellness experiences are an attractive “option” on business and recreational trips made for any other reason.


Wellness tourism is a hugely promising segment. Great news for establishments already serving this niche, and an extra incentive for others to diversify their services to attract this growing clientèle!


(1) Global Wellness Institute: Wellness Tourism Will Cross the $1 Trillion Mark in 2024


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